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The lecture topic: Chinese family enterprise inheritance and social gender

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The lecture topic: Chinese familyenterprise inheritanceand social gender

Speaker: Zhao Jianhua (associate professor of human science at theUniversity ofLouisville, USA)

Time: June 16, 2015 (Tuesday) at 3:00pm

Place: sociologyschool210 conference room

Organizer: sociology department ofWuhanUniversity

The speaker's brief introduction: Zhao Jianhua, male, associate professorofAnthropologydepartment of theUniversity ofLouisville, and hisinterests include globalization, capitalism, family and kinship, social change, clothing and apparel industry, economic anthropology of political economicson perspective ofanthropology,andhisstudy areasmainlylocatein China and east Asia.Hisrecent research achievements includehisworksNewWine inOldBottles:According to theTendency of theFamily toRe-examine ChineseFamilyEnterprise,TheShame andPunishment: ConfucianTypeManagementMethod of ChineseFamilyEnterprises andDiscusses the practice of, ChinaFashionIndustry:anEthnographyMethodand so on.