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【Reprint】Taiwan Huayi Academic Database open for trial

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【Reprint】Taiwan Huayi AcademicDatabase openfortrial

“Taiwan HuayiAcademicDatabase”,is consist with"ScientificDatabase", "HumanSocialDatabase", "TheComposition of theDatabase",is the largest databaseof Taiwan.Including1680 journals and 400000articles in journals,and88003 papers from 55 universities in Taiwan,the total collectionismore than 480000pieces of literature,Continuously updated monthly.The library included theTSCI,75%,THCI Core,85%,TSSCI,89%.includingtotal of more than 80% of Taiwan's core journals,among them,more than 28194isthe degree thesis of Taiwan University,approximately 1/3.The globalcustomersof the database ismore than1000, and has become the most important academic resources of Electronic Full-text databasein theEurope's top universities (University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Stanfordand so on)

Trial deadline:2015.9.24

Link URL:Wuhan University Library - Taiwan Huayi AcademicDatabaseopen trial: