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Wuhan university cooperates with SAGE journals to publish English periodical— Chinese Sociological Dialog for the signing ceremony

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Wuhan university cooperate s with SAGE journals to publish English periodical Chinese Sociological Dialog for the signing ceremony
On September 25, 2015, W uhan university and the SAGE which is a world famous publishing group, co-operate English journal - Chinese Sociological Dialog (CSD) . T he signing ceremony was held in the conference room of sociology department of W uhan university. The v ice p resident of the humanities and social science institute Ma Shujie,the dean of the department of sociology in W uhan university Lin Zen , the Asia Pacific region of SAGE publishing company President Paul. M. Evans and others accompanied by related personnel attended the signing ceremony. Dean Ma Shujie and Paul. M. Evans signed the cooperation agreement.
  Signing ceremony was held by the dean of the department of sociology in W uhan university Lin Zen . Professor Lin pointed out that the world has more than 200 kinds of English journal s of sociology, however,   the published English sociology in China is almost zero so far . China is different from the west in its own tradition and the experience of modernization . S ociology theory which is established on the basis of western modern  needs to be re-examined in the practice of modernization with Chinese characteristics. Founded the CSD is conducive to deepen the dialogue in China and the world , enhance China's voice in the world. Then Paul m. Evans, President of SAGE publishing company  briefly introduced the development course and present situation .He strongly agree d the concept of the CSD when high ly identifying in the course of the construction of the platform of W uhan university and ha d high hopes on the future development of CSD. Finally, the Dean Ma Shujie agreed the pioneer spirit of the CSD setting up , said they will attach great importance to the CSD, and set up special funds for special projects to support its subsequent publishing work, made CSD into SSCI database in the shortest possible time .
English publications CSD was founded jointly by W uhan university and SAGE publishing company, and is regarded as the only official English magazines at the Chinese academy of soci ology . CSD focuse s mainly on the frontier of the society, and constructs academic exchange platform for the China and the world social community , look ing forward to opening the explanatory window for China's current social problems in the transition with the help of a unique research paradigm of sociology. CSD will be according to international practice, adopting the entire peer review anonymous way .T he first issue is expected to be published in June 2016.
After the signing ceremony, SAGE company Asia Pacific chief executive Paul. M. Dr Evans had done the seminar t itled "Launching a Successful Journal" for all the humanities and social science editors,  the participants on the book publishing editor of very made heated discussion. Learned, SAGE publishing company was founded in 1965, it has become the world's leading independent academic and professional publishing group after half a century of development , SAGE publishing company focus on the humanities and social science,  434 academic journals included in 2012 the Journal Citation Report now .