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Macau university professor Hao Zhidong giving lectures in social department

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Macau university professor Hao Zhidong giv ing lectures in social department
At 10 . am on November 5, at the invitation of sociology department of W uhan university, Dr Hao Zhidong who is a professor in sociology of Macau University and a dierctor at the university of contemporary Chinese social science research center made a lecture in our department 302 titled " B efore and after the return to macau's social stratification and the ethnic and class es’ politics . This lecture was hosted by professor CiQinYing who is deputy director , Xu Wei and Yang Min associate professor s , masters and PhD students attended the lecture.
Lectures began with t he communication between Dr Hao and students , discussed about the social stratification, higher education and research fields students interested in, introduce d the present situation of social science research at home and abroad, warned the students should go out of the ivory tower and come into the society in the study of society.
Subsequently, professor Hao expound ed the conditions of classes in macau's ethnic politics and i ts effect on Macao's transition to democracy. First ly , telling the status quo and problems of Macao ethnic political, receiv ing the corresponding relationship through the game of right contrast ing between Portuguese and native ethnic groups. Second ly , introduc ing the class difference in Macao and their influence on M acau's democratization, different classes have different requirements for democratization, expressing its democratic will in the gaming and social movements , which can promote the development of democracy in M acau to some extent.
Finally, professor Hao Zhidong discussed with the students about the theme of the lecture and the relevant content such as Macao's social class, etc. The deputy director Xu Wei summarized the lecture and expressed sincere gratitude to Dr Hao Zhidong of the arrival . T he lecture ended in a big round of applause of the teachers and students.