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Notice on select full-time students in Taiwan Political University communication

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Notice on select full-time students inTaiwan Political Universitycommunication

Sociology Department, law school:

According to the exchange agreement with the University of Taiwan, we are now recommending that we are born in the spring of 2016 to go to the University of Taiwan in the spring of the exchange of learning. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

1.Applicants, who have reached the age of 18, full-time in read sophomore, junior undergraduate students or full-time in reading the second year graduate students (three years); physical and mental health, have both ability and political integrity, high academic achievers, dedication and responsibility sense, the clear purpose of learning; punishment record; volunteers of the International Department of the recommended.

2.Application materials: a copy of the original transcript of the Chinese transcript (College), Chinese in the original copy of the certificate (undergraduate or graduate school issued).

3.Number: two social science department, law school three.

4.Performance requirements: 3 points and above

5.Time: a term (June 2016 to February 2016)

6.Cost: free tuition and accommodation, students need to take care of themselves, health care insurance, etc. in the course of the study period in Taiwan. At the same time, students have to pay the tuition and fees of the Wuhan University and go back to the procedures. Did not check out, will follow the school regulations no longer back school accommodation.

7.During the exchange of learning, students take the same courses as the other schools in the same school as the professional training program.

8.Details can be found on the school website query:

Please School Foreign Affairs Office, office of undergraduate teaching, research students teaching office and the office of Student Affairs on September 30, 2015 (Wednesday) will do undergraduate candidates list to inform undergraduate school, Graduate candidate list notice graduate school training, and in the College (Department) online publicity. Also signed and sealed by the paper version of the list of candidates, candidates for application materials together with the signature and seal of the Wuhan University undergraduate students (graduate students) to go abroad (border) exchange of learning application form (International website download), the Wuhan University research and application form (only graduate students to download) in September 30, 2015 (Wednesday) before the office of the office of the office of the office of 104. Late time.


Consulting time:2:30 ~ 5:00 onTuesdayandThursday,not accept phone calls.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office