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The notice of the 2016 annual meeting of the association of public policy

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The notice of the2016 annual meeting of the association of public policy

Training unit and students:

In order to do a good job in 2016 the national public school study in project preparation work to facilitate teachers and students to keep abreast of the national public school study abroad program related policies and requirements, with the aid of October 20, 2015 in my school held "the seventh session of the international research students scholarship information", invite national scholarship committee is responsible for the person to whom the same held national public school to study project will preach and with the teachers and students were face to face communication, the specific arrangements are as follows:

Time:2015.10.20 9:30am

Location:College students innovation and entrepreneurship practice center academic report hall (One stop service centerof engineeringdepartment)

Welcome to the teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students interested in understanding and participating in the national public education program!


International Exchange Department

Graduate School

Undergraduate college