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The Notice about Sending Full-time Undergraduate Students to South Korean Ewha Woman’s University for Communication and Study

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The Notice about SendingFull-timeUndergraduateStudentsto South KoreanEwhaWoman’s Universityfor Communication and Study


According totheprotocolour university andSouth Korean Ewha Woman’s universitymake, we recommend full-timeinternal students to study inSouth KoreanEwhaWoman’suniversityon the fall of 2016. Relevant information will now be notified as follows:

1.The requirements for applicants: the age must arrive at 18 years; Full-time internal sophomores and juniors, or full-time graduate students who are in second-year (three-year master’s degree); applicants must in physical and mental health, having both ability and political integrity, excellence, and has the dedication to work and the sense of responsibility, clear learning goals; there are no punishment record in their student experiences; if they are International volunteers ,they are given priority.

2, the application materials: a copy of the passport for private Chinese citizens; One copy of original transcripts in both Chinese and English, a copy of the original documentsinternal student certificationboth in English and Chinese (issued by the undergraduate college).

3, number: 2.

4, the language ofteaching: English.

5, the language requirement::Applicants can adapt to the whole English teaching environment;high TOEFL and IELTSscore is preferred.

6, communicationtime:from march,2016to June,2016 (one semester).

7, Cost: tuition and accommodation fees is free during time at Huadong University in Taiwan, students need to afford the cost of living and health insurance, etc. At the same time, students have to pay the fees spending in Wuhan University and handle the retreat procedures. The accommodation fees will be no longer back to them during the retreat time according to the rules of Wuhan University if the retreat procedures are not handled.

8,Creditexchangecarriesoutaccording totheDetermination and ordinary undergraduate exchange students ofWuhanUniversity course credits achievement transformation management approach(trial) .

9, please visit the university website for details:at

Please your school foreign affairs office secretary, undergraduate teaching and student officeshall notify undergraduate college registerofficer the list of undergraduatecandidates admitted to the university, andput it onthe public online in the college (department)beforeSeptember 29, 2015, andat the same time the paper version of the list of candidates, candidates of signature and seal of the application materials along with a signed and sealedtheWuhanUniversity of ordinary undergraduate study exchanges abroad application formwill be sent totheStudentAffairsOfficeof InternationalExchangeDepartment, room 103. We don't wait overdue.


Consultation time: every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 2:30 ~ 5:00, telephone counseling is not acceptable.