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The sociology department of Wuhan university enacts measures

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The sociology department of Wuhan university enacts measures——

"the application by inspection" to recruit doctoral interim in 2016

In order to deepen the reform of postgraduate examination recruitment system, improve the quality of doctoral candidate selection, and to give leading role to the doctoral tutor in the selection and cultivation of top creative talent, according to“theWuhan university‘the application by inspection’measures for PhD candidate , these procedures are formulated.

1 . Organization

Enrollment leading group:

The group leader: Yulong Li Zeng Lin

The group member:Qinyin Ci Hong Wang Wei Xu

Assessment team of doctoral admission experts:

The group leader:Qinyin Ci

The group member:Sheng Gui Jiaojiang Luo Zeng Lin Lin Wu

Deping Xiang Changcheng Zhou

2. Admission principle:

To fully inspire endogenous power and vitality of our apartment, to let the expert group review play its role effectively, arouse the enthusiasm of tutor, and to select high quality talents in the protection of the objective, just, fair and open assessment , on the basis of optimized selection mechanism, to improve the quality of graduate education and enrollments in construction level.

3. Admission tutors:

With no particular order, according to the name pinyin they are arranged as follows:

Qinyin Ci Sheng Gui Zeng Lin Jiaojiang Luo Lin Wu Deping Xiang Changcheng Zhou

4 . Admission number

11 in total, of which we most receive a directional appoint earth up unripe.

5."The application by inspection" qualification of the applicant

(1)one must possess all examination conditions of“the wuhan university 2016 recruit PhD graduate student recruiting students general rules ".

(2)Applicants must be in good health, good conduct, and comply with laws, regulations and rules and regulations of the school.

(3)The last degree of students must meet one of the following conditions:

1)Have got a master's or doctor's degree

2)Master's graduates (should obtain a master's degree in front of the Dr entrance )

3)Have a master's degree abroad (he must pass attestation of the ministry of education service center)

(4)Those one who graduates with a master's identity to enter oneself for an examination of the personnel of coequal educational level, should meet the relevant regulations of recruiting PhD graduate student of wuhan university general rules in 2016

(5) Applicants must accord with the physical standard of postgraduate entrance examination of wuhan university, and also reach the mental heath requirements of doctoral education.

6. Application process

(1)Online registration. Applicants must register online within the prescribed time.

(2)The submitted materials. After completion of online registration applicants need to submit a paper application materials, the main contents include:

1)Personal basic information, including learning, research experience, academic research results;

2)The applicant's doctoral study plan, including the subject the applicant intends to study , the significance of the subject in the field of this discipline, the research of this subject that has been made by the applicant, the research that applicant intends to engage in during the PhD study, and the possible innovation of his study and so on;

3)Two expert recommendation

4)Relevant certificates and materials. Including: photocopy of degree, qualifications and certification (fresh graduate must submit certificate of his graduate school or graduate office), bachelor's and master's school transcript phase, a master's degree thesis (fresh graduate master's graduation thesis abstract, table of contents, etc.), published academic papers, patent and the statements of other original research results , and all kinds of foreign language level certificate or proof materials, other materials about personal special achievements and abilities .

Special remind: applicants should check carefully if he or she is in line with the conditions, once we find the applicant who does not meet the requirements for the application, he will not be accepted,and will have to cancel the admission. Relevant consequences shall be borne by the applicant


1)Group arrangement: under the guidance of doctoral recruitment leading group of the sociology department of wuhan university, experts of doctoral recruitment assessment group examine the qualification of applicants at first.

2)Review of foreign language ability : according to the "wuhan university doctoral graduate student recruitment in 2016" and "wuhan university sociology department on enrollment instructions n 2016”, we will examine the foreign language level of the applicant at first.The applicant should pass wuhan university PhD student foreign language exam (eligibility waiting to be determined ), or those who meet one of the following conditions may apply for the free foreign language proficiency test:

A 、Applicants who published an article as the first author or corresponding author ,and his article is included by SCI and SSCI, A&HCI.

B、Applicants who wrote ESI high level papers, and published as the first author or corresponding author

C、Articles were included by Chinese journals in humanities and social science (the Chinese academy of social sciences, other domestic authoritative journals, xinhua digest reship , the Chinese academy of social sciences digest reship)

D、Applicants those who graduated from the QS or masters from U.S. News and World Report's top 400 overseas colleges and universities.

The exemption application form of the free foreign language proficiency test shall be submitted to the sociology department, and those who fail to submit the application form or do not conform to the conditions will be regarded as void.

(4)Foreign language level test. Those who pass the examination qualification can enter the doctoral foreign language level examination of wuhan university ; for those who pass the free foreign language qualification this procedure can be avoided.

(5)Investigation of academic foundation ability , and to determine the candidate. According to the materials submitted by the applicant, expert appraisal group of the sociology department of wuhan university will inspect the applicant's education background , foreign language level, learning experience, scientific research experience, achievements and awards,and so on.And through anonymous vote, good candidates will be picked up and sorted.On the basis of not exceeding the candidate plan of recruiting students 1:2 ratio, final candidates will be determined. If there is no objection to the final result after ten working days display ,the number of people assigned will be given to the graduate school for record.

(6)The confirmation on scene (see the doctoral graduate student recruitment this year for details)

(7)The comprehensive evaluation

Sociology experts assessment team will conduct a comprehensive review test

About the scientific literacy and professional ability of those who enter the review stage.The "merit, quality assurance, nothing more" principle is required in work.Comprehensive evaluation also need to evaluate candidate academic ethics, ideology and moral character in addition to the academic accomplishment, the foreign language level and the potential .Not less than 60 minutes per person is allowed for every candidate who participates in the direct test .Examination test process is recorded according to regulation and direct test will be recorded in sound and video, and thus form examination and filing.

1)Written examination of professional basic knowledge:professional basic knowledge test will be carried out in accordance with the sociological secondary discipline, and is proposed uniformly by the sociology department , and unified written test will be undertaken at the same time . The specific test time need further notice.

A、Written examination including "sociological theory and direction", " sociology research methods and synthesis", "professional English" three parts.

B、Professional knowledge written test will be proposed by expert assessment team.

C、The total points of "sociological theory and the direction " are 100(basic theory part 50 points, professional direction 50 points), basic level is 60 mark; The total points of "Sociology method and synthesis“are 70 points (social statistics 30 points, sociological methodology 20 points, comprehensive knowledge of sociology 20 points), basic level is 42 mark; The total score of "Professional English" are 30 points, basic level is 18 mark; The basic level of written test is 120 points.

D、unified organization to assess papers

2)interview of professional comprehensive abilities

A The interview is composed of expert evaluation group, deputy director of the department responsible for graduate teaching work works as the group leader.

B The interview assessment focuses on the students' oral English level, learning ability, research ability, innovation ability, reaction ability, ability to use knowledge and potential for development, psychological quality, etc.;

C The calculation of interview result :we will take an average after the interview team members giving points respectively,and the full mark is 100 points, the basic level is between 60 points.

3)the calculation of comprehensive evaluation grade:

The total comprehensive evaluation grade of examinees is composed of the professional basic knowledge test and professional comprehensive ability evaluation , of which basic specialized knowledge test accounts for 50%, professional comprehensive assessment accounts for 50%.

7 . The measures to determine the number of the candidates

(1)Doctoral admissions specialist assessment team of Sociology department of wuhan university will review the examination records of the applicant and the result;

(2)We will sort overall achievement of those who apply for the same tutor sorting, each tutor accept students according to admission quota; the students who even read born need not to attend the second interview,and will be ordered number one among the same tutor ;

(3)If the number of qualified candidates cannot reach the enrollment quota plan, in principle,we will accept students who reach the basic level within the scope of this professional comprehensive assessment of sociology.

(4)Proposed and tested results list will be public in the sociology department of wuhan university website homepage for ten working days.

(5)After there being no objection on the recruiting results,the list will be reported to school postgraduate recruiting office.

8 . Relevant specification

(1)Those students whose admission category is non-oriented are not allowed to change after the first enrollment. Before admitted , students should pass on your archive ,organization, personnel, wage relations into wuhan university, or you will not the admission notice.

(2)All kinds of special planning, such as "minority high-level backbone talents program", etc., are beyond the scope of the measures, concrete details should turn to the relevant provisions of the PhD graduate students recruitment of wuhan university general rules in 2016"

(3)The entire Work will adhere to the principle of fairness, justice, public, and strictly implement the system of information disclosure and the public, and accept the supervision of the disciplinary inspection and supervision departments, the examinee and the social from all walks of life. So candidates must promise the authenticity of qualification, degree certificate and all kinds of information, because if the information is not real ,student should be responsible for the consequences himself .For all candidates, whoever cheat, whenever, once found out, namely, according to the relevant provisions ,we will disqualified his or her chance for an examination, admission or student status.

(4)The power of interpretation of matters not mentioned belongs to the sociology department of wuhan university.